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Here are links if you want to bounce directly to the health experts. These are the OG and biggest splash experts in the benefits of a whole plant foods lifestyle in no particular order because their work is saving lives all over the place and they're all amazing beyond description. Such appreciation for their work.

Dr. Brooke Goldner is helping thousands of people reverse autoimmune and other diseases with groceries and good self care, with all protocol information offered online for free. She also has books, online coaching appointments, and group support available.
Dr. Michael Greger and Nutritionfacts.org The Meta of the Meta of the nutrition data. Nonprofit. Search this site for foods or disease and see what the studies have found.
Derek Simnett Certified Nutritional Practitioner, body builder, and excellent vegan noms creator. The Simnett Nutrition website has the cookbooks and a free meal planner as well as links to IG and YT. MANY YT posts with recipes and cooking demos, workout inspirations, and hikes through the lush forests of Vancouver Island which is medicine in its own right.
Dr. Dean Ornish ran studies in 1970s we all should have known about on disease reversal on a plant-based diet and is currently diving into Alzheimer's. This links to Ornish.com which encompasses the facets of well-being Ornish encourages including using whole plants for food.
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. has been arresting and reversing heart disease in his patients since 1985, naturally, by changing people's food.
Dr. John McDougall author of the Starch Solution, saving lives with plants since the 70s, holds a 12 Day online program several times a year and weekly live Q&A.
Dr. T. Colin Campbell and The Center for Nutrition Studies author of the China Study, he went to improve health through increasing animal protein and learned that was the exact opposite of what needed to be done
Dr. Michael Klaper is a heart forward speaker and teacher as well as a doctor, most recently focused on teaching new doctors about nutrition. His Moving Medicine Forward Master Class in Clinical Plant Based Nutrition was outstanding; highly recommend
Dr. Csilla Veress ND, LAc that is acupuncture, works at TrueNorth, Masters in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, craniosacral/visceral manipulation therapist and specialties in water fasting and microbiome
Dr. Milton Mills busy doctor and teacher, lecture favorites are dairy and protein
Dr. Neal Barnard and PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Rip Esselstyn, athlete, firefighter, and heart health activist, was Engine 2 now Plantstrong
Dr. Will Bulsiewicz The Plant Fed Gut website from the author of
Fiber Fueled
Dr. Kim Williams linking at Twitter, cardiologist says there are two kinds, the ones who are vegan and the ones who haven't read the research yet. Vegan since 2003, there are great videos of him in various places online
Dr. Alan Goldhamer, TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa for water fasting and whole plant foods with no salt, oil, or sugar
Jeff Novick Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and chef, famous for giving us the skinny on label reading, calorie density, and "Fast Food" making tasty, healthy meals in ten minutes easily from a well-stocked pantry and freezer
Dr. Joel Kahn cardiologist, Center for Longevity, also 2016 “sexiest vegan over 50”
Dr. Joel Fuhrman famous for his Nutritarian diet teachings, many books, and now San Diego retreat center
Mastering Diabetes, Cyrus and Robby the masters of allowing fruit back into all of our lives, and through helping people lower their insulin resistance are also naturally helping people lose weight
Dr. Doug Lisle Evolutionary Psychologist at TrueNorth and McDougall's program in Santa Rosa, site Esteem Dynamics, teaching about the pleasure trap, the ego trap, and how to get along without going along





Game Changers Movie website Elite athletes and other professionals transformed by plant foods
Eating You Alive "A feature-length documentary revealing the truth behind why Americans are so sick and what we can do about it." 2018
What the Health film trailer at YT
Plant Pure Nation from Nelson Campbell and he also did another later called Food to Freedom
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead link is to the official trailer at Joe Cross' YT
reminder you may be able to watch these through your local library digital membership if you're spending all your discretionary funds on new cookbooks :)

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