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Food Revolution Network

Food For Health Masterclass
Free hour of education followed by an invitation to join the Plant-Powered & Thriving course. Be sure to look at the bonuses included in that offer :D

Food Revolution Network

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Health Summit THRIVE

THRIVE Against All Odds
Online, free
This is an amazing lineup of speakers and a tremendous transformation. The event promo has ended but series perhaps still accessible? Let me know
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Yeah baby this is the evolution of Engine 2 with
categories of pizza, chili & stew, cornbread, granola, cereal, pancakes & waffles, and broth, and this is not just broth but organic broth, unsalted, and oil free.

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Spreading Support

Reward the people who are making good choices and taking right action. Support the people who are living heart first when it comes to what they put on their plates. Share the love and encouragement of the supportive community.

The Broader Collective

Opening up that support beyond the borders of the health conscious or the vegans or the environmentalists or the elite athletes or the public health passion to help us live without further pandemics. Every time we support each other we are taking another step in the direction of a better world for all of us.

Love Swarm

I like Love Swarm better than Flash Mob lol it sounds a little gentler and more comforting. Intention here is to also encourage even more people to join in, thus swarm, and if those swarmed are resonant then we may stick around a while and that support could also be considerably longer lasting than a flash.

We Celebrate Eating Plants

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