We Celebrate Eating Plants!



Global Warming

Stop eating animals and the impact outshines taking vehicles entirely off the roads

People say the planet will be okay and it might, but it's unlikely to be habitable for humans if we keep up this nonsense.


What hasn't already disappeared is being threatened due to demands for grazing or crops used to feed the animal agriculture business


Stop to consider how many tons of urine and feces come from the 92.2 billion animals killed every year going into the creeks streams rivers lakes every year ...

Eating more plants.




Personal Health

Heart Disease

Number one killer of men and women. Completely reversible on whole plant foods.

Type 2 Diabetes

Almost always completely reversible on whole plant foods.


95% of Americans are not reaching the daily recommendation for fiber. The recommendation is actually an extremely low number compared to evolutionary fiber estimates but even that little improvement would help restore more normal blood levels of things the body is regularly working to get rid of but can't because there's not enough fiber to carry it away, like hormones for example. Celebrating regular fulfilling poops!


Tens. of. Billions.

Every. Year.

Estimated 92.2 billion land animals are slaughtered annually in the global food system, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization says the Humane Society June 5, 2023.

But wait hush

We're not supposed to talk about the animals. People don't want to think about it.

Saving the Animals

A vegetarian saves between 371 and 582 animals per year, according to countinganimals.com math using 2013 numbers, the site explaining all of the things. Vegans save more.

32 years for me = saved between 11,872 and 18,624 animals

AND additional ones since going vegan in spring 2019 four years ago.

That freak anybody else out? Almost twenty thousand animals? Seriously people? Friendly, ain't gonna hurt nobody animals


If you are a high conscientious person don't worry there are other things here besides trauma.

Public Health


Anybody think covid could have happened if nobody was eating animals?

We Celebrate Eating Plants

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